About Us

When you need to move, it can be a stressful process. With so many different things going on in your life and the logistics of moving taking up more time than expected – who has energy left over for anything else? It’s not surprising that one out five people gets stressed before their moves are completed! That is why we at Flat Rate Moving & Storage Ltd take care when packing our clients’ belongings by being caring professionals with experience from both commercial and office movers. We make sure every single box fits where ever they need us too without any problems; plus protect assets using appropriate packaging materials like bubble wrap or shrink wrap totes depending upon what type of items will fit into them best. So, for the best experience, don’t forget to reach out to us as we take pride in making our customers happy in every way.

What We do
  • Seniors Moving Calgary
  • Commercial Movers Calgary
  • Furniture Movers Calgary
  • House Movers Calgary
  • Long Distance Movers Calgary
  • Movers in Calgary
  • Moving from Calgary to Saskatchewan
  • Moving from Calgary to British Columbia
  • Office Movers Calgary
  • Piano Movers Calgary